We made a belt that has been modified from the kimono belt so that anyone can easily use it
Not only can it be used for yukata, haori and kimonos
Like a slightly thick belt, you can match it with your clothes.
Enjoy your favorite coordination.


we have pattern 「asanoha」「sakura red」「ume black」etc・・


Traditional Japanese kimono obi (belt or sash) are works of incredible beauty and grace. We collaborated with Kyoto-based artisans to create a version that could be used with everyday outfits. The result was a practical reinterpretation of these exquisite and intricate Japanese accessories.

In Japanese, “Yui” has a meaning of bundling, tieing, bonding, and binding things together. It also can mean people coming together as a community. Thus, this belt has a positive aura that draws the right people to you.

  • Length: 130 cm
  • Height: 12 cm
  • Fabric: Chirimen and polyester
  • Usage: Handle with care. Do not wash.

Chirimen is one of Japan’s most celebrated fabrics thanks to its use in breathtakingly gorgeous and elegant kimonos.