It is a earrings that expresses the Japanese style using the current kimono fabric, obi and Japanese motifs.
The original earrings with the round shape is called WA meaning peace and harmony and also connected people and people.

The pierced earrings on the left and right are characterized by irregularly large and small circles.
You can also wear the necklace and earrings as a set.




We incorporated ancient Japanese motifs into cute earrings and piercings. These auspicious designs and colors combine traditional elegance with modern style.

In Japanese culture, there are two characters, both of which are pronounced as “wa.” One can be interpreted as representing Japan, Japanese culture, and social harmony. The other represents a circle or ring, which implies unity.

Thus, we chose to create circles based on these concepts using Chirimen and polyester fabric with paper inside.

Chirimen is one of Japan’s most celebrated fabrics thanks to its use in breathtakingly gorgeous and elegant kimonos. Made by weaving plain silk yarn and characterized by little bumps on its surface, it is also tough and practical in many ways. We use Nikoshi Chirimen, made in the Tango Peninsula, located in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, and dyed in Kyoto City.

These feature the Asanoha pattern. Since ancient times it has been believed to bestow health and long life. The triangle denotes protection against evil, and Asanoha, an aggregate of triangles, conveys a meaning of strength and beauty.

In Japan, the color black represents mystery, night, and clarity. Red symbolizes happiness, strength, and passion.

Each set weighs just 8 grams (both earrings together).