Lucky Bracelet

Bring good fortune I hope that you could connect to
your special person and your happiness would.



Since we use natural materials the colors could leave some trace.

Poiche’ usiamo materiali naturali i colori potrebbero lasciare qualche traccia.


5色展開 ユニセックス(通常の幸ネックレスより若干大きくなります。)


Never underestimate the power of a little bracelet. Made from beautiful Japanese kimono fabric, these bracelets have three spheres that represent family, friendship, and love. Some believe that once tied to your wrist, they may also bring you luck.

Chirimen is one of Japan’s most celebrated fabrics thanks to its use in breathtakingly gorgeous and elegant kimonos. However, it is also tough and practical in many ways. It is made by weaving plain silk yarn and characterized by little bumps on its surface. We use Nikoshi Chirimen, made in the Tango Peninsula, located in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, and dyed in Kyoto City.

In Japan, the color red represents happiness, strength, and passion.

  • Length: 19 cm
  • Adjustment: Beads
  • Weight: 8 g
  • Materials: Chirimen, wood, and polyester
  • Caution: Since we use natural dyes, the colors may rub off and leave a trace on light-colored clothing.