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着物 KIMONO    ネックレス
Necklace for happiness

I wish happiness sill come to you.
Ti auguro una giomata piena di felicita.




1色 黒のみ 柄は1本づつ異なります。


These necklaces are made from Chirimen and polyester fabric and hold a metal pendant with an auspicious double-sphere design reminiscent of kimono fabric.

The flexible design allows wearing it on your wrist or tieing it to an accessory such as a bag.

  • Length: 52 cm (adjustable)
  • Cord: Chirimen/polyester blend fabric
  • Pendant: Metal, 2 cm
  • Weight: 10 g (cord + pendant)
  • Caution: Since we use natural dyes, they may leave a trace on light-colored clothing.